What is GS
  puce Galileo Services is a non-profit organization designed to be a major partner for the Galileo downstream technology and business development (terminals, applications and services), with a view to sustaining the Galileo programme. The aim is to foster an "end to end" vision of the Galileo system in order to fully respond to user and market needs.

Galileo Services will work to bolster the economic value of the Galileo system, and intends to contribute towards the development of value-added services to fully exploit all possible business potential.

According to the vision of Galileo Services members, Galileo will strongly enhance the capabilities of satellite navigation, allowing the development of the incumbent location-based services market.

Galileo Services aims to develop technologies and test out services and applications that can fulfill market expectations, leading to significant job creation opportunities and benefits offered by Galileo in terms of added safety, cleaner air and enhanced transport infrastructures.
  puce Galileo Services is backing on Oregin network

Galileo Services and Oregin federate the most active and representative players of GNSS industry and research supporting the Galileo and EGNOS Programmes. This union uniquely combines the innovation, flexibility and responsiveness of the smallest enterprises with the strength, stability and reliability of the biggest industries. It covers all the segments of the value chain and covers all application domains.

This federation provides an unrivalled platform for partnership and information exchange between its Members, and offers a powerful support and representativeness to Institutions.

Galileo Services and Oregin network together represent a community of almost 180 companies.
  puce The purpose of GS is to:
Promote the downstream industry role in the GALILEO programme;
Promote the Satellites Operators role in the GALILEO programme;
Assist the programme implementation with the view of providing an end-to-end vision susceptible to enhance the GALILEO market development and a user driven approach;
Set-up a joint approach of publicly funded Research & Development (6th Framework Program Research and Development) and Public-Private Partnership;
Carry out activities relating to the above-mentioned purposes.
  puce Assistance to the Programme Implementation :
Promote end to end vision;
Contribute to the regulation and standardisation process;
Evaluate key technical trade-offs.
  puce Market Development :
Assume role of promoter company;
Establish open, non-proprietary standards;
Anticipate market exploitation;
Explore innovative service and business models.
  puce R & D and Demonstrations :
Stimulate receiver and application technology;
Promote and coordinate Industry’s involvement in R&D and Demonstration programmes.