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M3 SYSTEMS & BOREAL SAS, early partners in the European Urban Air Mobility CORUS XUAM project

The CORUSXUAM consortium is a largescale European project, led by SESAR JU and funded under
Horizon Europe 2020, dedicated to Urban Air Mobility (UAM). This twoyear project aims at defining
and testing new services called USpace, which are required for these new types of air mobility to
work safely and efficiently, a key issue for smart and sustainable mobility in the future.

Indeed, the field of UAM is wide because it includes new means of transport such as drones, eVTOLs
(electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft) and other types of remotely piloted aircraft, clearly
identified by the European Commission, whose objective is to manage their integration into the
airspace. Therefore, UAM requires the development of airspace management structures, operational
procedures and shared services.

CORUSXUAM is consequently demonstrating aircraft operations, both manned and unmanned, using
USpace services in urban and interurban environments, aiming to develop an operational interface
between Air Navigation Services (ANS) and operators of UAVs and other remotely piloted aircraft.

The expected result is the emergence and promotion of an operational offer within the next ten years.
The first milestone will be the implementation of precommercialisation services to be demonstrated
during the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Involvement of the MISTRAL group in this project

Both belonging to the MISTRAL group, the two companies M3 Systems and BOREAL SAS are linked
by very strong synergies which have enabled the CORUSXUAM project to benefit from the skills of
both companies: the first is recognised for its expertise in air traffic management (ATM) and the
second for its unmanned aerial vehicle integrating advanced technology to communicate with
various private operators called Uspace Service Providers (USSP), including Hologarde.

More information about the project is available on CORUS-XUAM website.