Space Y mission is to promote and foster the development of the European industry developing the user segment of space systems, i.e. the European downstream industry


The specific objectives of Space Y are:

  • To express the views of the downstream industry on all issues that have an influence on the development of the Satellite Navigation, Satellite Communications and Earth Observation markets
  • To promote the use of Galileo, EGNOS, Copernicus, GOVSATCOM and upcoming IRIS2 in all market segments and foster interoperability with other navigation and telecommunication systems
  • To stimulate downstream technology and business development (terminals, applications and services) to maximise the potential of the space downstream applications market
  • To help Space Y members address the market by providing them with the necessary background and network to foster business opportunities
  • To support and assist in the European Space programme implementation

More information

To get more information on Space Y objectives, membership, constitutional members, structure of programmatic actions, please contact Space Y secretariat at ana.maria.melendez@spacey.eu.com.